You have two kinds of trends - Classic trends and Prospective trends:

Observing everyday people in the street, talking with the younger generations, and surfing Youtube are perfect for identifying classic trends.

But if you’re looking for prospective trends, Youtube isn’t the right process because once you go to Youtube it’s already too late; you have to look elsewhere.

Most of the time prospective trends are in technology and, I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I think prospective can also be found in science fiction books.

Isabelle Nancy, Account Manager for JWT (via re-brand)

As a long time sci-fi reader, I tend to agree.

Television advertisements in the middle of an exciting sports game are rated more highly than when the game lacks suspense.

Consumer.ology by Philip Graves (via re-brand)

Honey Maid: Love (by Honey Maid)

Loving ad goodness

(via Content - How B2B Buyers Consume Vendor Content : MarketingProfs Article)

Most Valued Content Types

The top five content types most valued by respondents are the following:

Research reports and studies (65% value).
Technical spec sheets and data sheets (50%).
Analyst intelligence and insight (46%).
Whitepapers (35%).
Articles on trade publishing sites (30%).
How They Find Content

68% of respondents start their vendor-related content sourcing with search engines and portals.
40% go to vendor websites.
25% turn to trusted sources or peers.

Some great statistics to consider.